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Kono Pizza: Exquisite Nonsense

No reason for it, but I'll take it anyway.

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God in Chicago

I can understand anyone who fell off with Craig Finn around the time The Hold Steady discovered the rock and roll powers of Kenny G, but know this: If you haven't been keeping up with the guy, you've likely missed... Continue Reading →

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Two Things I Like About The Smith Street Band’s “More Scared of You Than You Are of Me”

Death to the lads.

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Minor Sports-Related Injuries, Ranked from Most to Least Desirable

Your body: it hurts!

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Unorganized Thoughts While I Listen to Prince on Spotify

Thinking about Prince.

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Dead Band of the Week: Sisters


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A Better Class of Criminal: Talkin’ About Rap-Rock

I probably liked Papa Roach more than I should have.

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“Mary” by Seller: 20-Year Power Pop

Bring me back to the alt-FM radio days of the 90s.

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On “Wane,” Kinda Alright Finds Hooks Everywhere

Twinkle rock for the actual celestial bodies.

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Onward, To the Past: 12 Sentences on Four Tool Albums

Now I, too, know the pieces fit.

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No Heat, No Beer, No Dad

Cold punk music for cold months.

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An Argument with Myself About Indie Pop Prom

Do the things you like / don't do the things you like.

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Worst to First: Hold Steady Albums

2,000 kids still feel pretty sweet tonight.

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Snail Mail – Habit

Bad camp movies - "Linger" - Middle-school kissing - Baltimore music for hormones

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Horrible Tattoo Ideas I Have Had

The tattoo you don't have is more important than the one you do.

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Fatter Older’s Favorite Albums of the Year, 15-1

Of the 43 albums that were released this year, these are the 15 that I felt like writing about.

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Fatter Older’s Favorite Albums of the Year, 30-16

Most music is fine. These 15 are better than fine. Good, even.

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Best Concerts, 2016

Dispatches from shows you did not attend and that I only sparsely remember.

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2016’s Biggest Misses

All the shit I should have listened to this year but didn't.

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Re-Ranking 2015’s Best Albums

Looking back on last year's mistakes before making this year's mistakes.

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Day One

Don't forget this.

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Songs on Pinkerton, Ranked

The father of all our styles gets its due.

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Tiny Rainbows and the Paths Not Taken

Philly youths make emotional screaming sound new again.

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Don't be afraid.

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Outside Exercises, Ranked in Order of Dickisness

Getting ticks the healthy way!

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AJJ’s Compassionate Devil Music

You should probably listen to the Devil's music.

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Beach Slang Covering Japandroids is My Whole Aesthetic Collapsing in on Itself

I don't know if I'm being trolled or what. There is no greater "I am an aging youth rocker" clarion call than this right here.

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The Five Best Pieces of Information from The A.V. Club’s Bear vs Shark Interview

"BLEEEEEEHHH!" - Most Bear vs Shark songs.

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R.I.P: The Holy Mess

Would-be champions lay it down.

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Names the Strip Club Near My House Has Had at One Time or Another, Ranked

Keep it up, grimy Fishtown.

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How to Get Hit By a Car

If you ride your bike enough, it will eventually happen to you.

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Lucky 33 Arrives Late, Right on Time

Four years of live shows informs the catchy realism of Lucky 33's first proper EP.

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Watch this Video for “D.I.Y.” by the Barren Marys and Decide Which Member is the Cutest

At least until they get paid.

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Love Songs: Doing Chores to Afford Second-Hand Alt-Rock Tapes

John Adams of Sexy Teenagers on his alt-rock past and the draconian prices of second-hand tapes.

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Rejected Wedding Ceremony Songs

Every day, 140,033,230 people get married in New York State alone!

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Five Songs in the Tone Zone

In honor of Father's Day, I put together a brief playlist of songs that remind me of my dad. I didn't get into the memories and motivations behind every one of them. Some things are just for family.  Mexican Radio... Continue Reading →

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Car Seat Headrest + Twin Pines, Underground Arts, May 22

Good haircuts on stage last night.

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Silicon Valley Power Rankings, Se. 3 Ep. 4

Currently set firmly at PUSH-POP.

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Random Thoughts About Chance 3

1) I’ve been thinking about why Surf comes off as cheesy to me and why Coloring Book doesn’t. Surf can sound like the most lavishly-produced episode of School House Rock at times, almost like it was a record made specifically for... Continue Reading →

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Ought + Priests + Marge, PhilaMoCa, May 9

This is what it looks like at the post-punk show.

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The Endless Potential of Shaggy-Ass Ultimate Golf

The second coming of J. Fox.

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Jon Kohen’s “Curse the Darkness” Lets Strings Do the Talking

Here's where the strings come in.

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Hopeless Otis Will Beat Up Your Fears

NYC hardpunk for the perpetually awake.

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Songs from the Shoebox

Be a big boy. Listen to the Snails.

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The At The Drive-In Reunion and the World Beneath Your Feet

You ever seen this video? This is, as near as I can tell using my eyes and unreliable memories of being 22 and my friend Stu passing this lore down, a video of At the Drive In, sometime before the... Continue Reading →

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The St. Pierre Snake Invasion: Rock in the Age of Splinters

Loud music for all comers.

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The Retinas are Here and Nowhere Else

Sunny rock with a soup disposition.

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There is an “I” in Tiem

Finally, some emo that isn't twinkling or screaming at me.

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Sledding With Tigers Wring Real Emotion from a Movie Staring Lola Bunny

A folk-punk band has created real art from Space Jam.

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Pinegrove’s Indie Rock Buffet

Pinegrove sounds like everything, still sounds like themselves.

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Don’t Die: Day Eight

Horses The weekend was something of a mixed bag. It went like this: Bad: Ate out at a restaurant Good: Ate reasonably well, considering (hummus, veggie sandwich, fries) Bad: Drank, despite one of the goals of this whole thing to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Die: Day Five

Let's Talk About Booze I don't drink like I used to, but I still drink. Part of the idea behind this whole Don't Die plan was to respond to what had been a pretty heavy drinking month in April. Bachelor... Continue Reading →

Don’t Die: Day Four

LOOK AT THE NUMBERS In what I am sure will not be seen in retrospect as a foreboding hallmark of my overall commitment to this new health plan of mine, I've broken two rules that I had laid out for... Continue Reading →

Don’t Die: Day Three

I've been sold into the hypnotic power of running. I no longer think it sucks; I now accept it as a very difficult means to enter a temporary zen-like state. I wouldn't call it a "runner's high," exactly, but there... Continue Reading →

Don’t Die: Day Two

PORTION CONTROL Two thoughts on portioning out food: First: One of the most oft-repeated pieces of weight loss advice is to some form of "mind the portions of whatever slop gets jammed into your teeth cave." The reasons this gets passed... Continue Reading →

Don’t Die: Day One – How To Train for a Marathon

HOW TO TRAIN FOR A MARATHON Verbally commit to running a November 2017 marathon in December, 2016. Do so loudly, to anyone who asks and many people who do not. Begin running a few times a week in January 2017.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Die: Day Zero

I started this year at the lowest weight I've been since high school. Went down a pants size and a shirt size. Since then, I've spent ... oh, the last month, maybe? ... eating whatever the hell I want and... Continue Reading →

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