Honey 2 is a movie that exists.

More importantly, it is a movie that exists on Netflix right now as I type this. Honey 2! The sequel to Honey!

Honey 2!
Honey 2!

The lead in Honey 2 is a woman named Kat Graham. Here are some facts about Kat Graham:

  • She was born the same year as my little brother, John. John works at a pizza joint in upstate New York and crushes 19-year-old townie girls like a frat-dude crushing beer-cans on his head: drunkenly and without regret.
  • The first fight I ever saw in a movie theater lobby occurred on Honey‘s opening night. I was on a date, probably going to see Finding Nemo or something, when a bunch of kids who couldn’t get tickets to Honey decided to start some shit in the lobby’ arcade. The cops had to show up and scoot all the kids out and, as I recall, the date didn’t work out that well. Really, none of that matters because THERE WAS A FIGHT WHEN THE MOVIE HONEY SOLD OUT. The world is really a wonderful place sometimes. If Kat Graham had been there, she would have calmed those kids then given me the moves needed to get some kisses during Nemo. I know this just by looking at her. Kat Graham is down for whatever.
I know you’ve got game, Kat Graham. Share your game with 16-year-old Nate.

If you think I’m not going to watch Honey 2 this weekend, you don’t know me at all.