I’m heading out to the beach for a week. Here are my goals while I am there:

  • Only check my work email once, and for no longer than 30 minutes
  • Finish four books
  • Get drunk on the beach in secret during the middle of the day. I will do this by utilizing red cups, a personal cooler and, if need be, some pre-made mosquito that I will bring from the house. In other news, alcoholism runs in my family but it has had no impact on me
  • See some live music
  • Participate in an open mic night, karaoke or comedy night
  • Watch at least one Mom and Dad movie (Mom and Dad movies are the somewhat second tier movies that I would not watch if I was not with my parents. Think Chocolate, The Last King of Scotland and Sherlock Holmes and you will be in the ball park)
  • Listen to the following albums:
  1. Twin Shadow’s Confess
  2. Aesop Rock’s Skelethon
  3. R. Kelly’s Write me Back
  4. Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange
  5. Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse
  6. DIIV’s Oshin
  7. White Arrows’ Dry Land is Not a Myth
  8. Fiona Apple’s Really Long Album Title
  9. Maybach Music Group’s Self-Made 2
  10. Mixtape’s Even on the Worst Nights
  11. Cancer Bat’s Dead Set on Living
  12. Motion City Soundtrack’s Go
  • In the same vein, buy a shit-load of used records from my favorite used record store.

See you on the train.