I’m not very good at cooking, but I am very, VERY good at Modest Mouse.

Cooking in Hi-Fi


Writing a taco recipe feels like cheating. Tacos are easy: shells, filling, mouth, stomach, taco-nap. Besides, there are really only two ways to make tacos:

  • call up a taco place and order tacos
  • get one of those all inclusive taco kits from Pace or whatever

Either one of those options will be fine, but you don’t have any control in the outcome. You are either eating someone else’s work or you are making someone else’s taco mixture.

Well let me hit you with a third way: SHREAD YOUR OWN MEAT AND MAKE THE TACOS YOUR DAMN SELF.

Do this right and you’ll have enough stuff to make about 20 small tacos. Why do you want 20 small tacos? Because when you see how small these tacos are, you won’t feel guilty about eating 10 in a sitting then having the other 10 for breakfast the next day.

So we’re making tacos…

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