Artist: Hurry
Album: Everything/Nothing

Why: From the looks of it, Everything/Nothing is the first Hurry album to feature a full band, not just songwriter Matt Scottoline playing all the instruments. That singularity makes sense, because what I like about Hurry’s album is how fully-realized it feels.

The album is 10 tracks of four-chord garage pop and harmonic guitar lines, but played at a slowed down, slightly more stoned, detached pace. It sounds like Superchunk, if Superchunk was high on premium weed for the entirety of the 90s. As if that wasn’t enough, the laid-back tone, matched with Scottoline’s lyrics of defeat and his simple delivery, drive home the album’s overall feeling of sad, but not unwelcome nostalgia.

Plus, there’s at least two songs in which the guitar sounds like a harmonica. That shit is great.

Possible starting points: “Oh Whitney,” “Weekday,” “Oozing Positivity”

Where can I hear it? Get up on the on that Bandcamp page, son. The album is also out on Hot Green.