I will admit that I have not yet worked my through all of Curs’ self-titled 2014 album just yet, but I am willing to go out on a limb and say that I’ve already found my favorite song.

I want to preface this by saying that I consider myself to be a mature adult. I still think farts are funny, but by and large, I try not to be too easily swayed by body humor if I can help it. That said, if there is one avenue in which I cannot help myself, it is in the kind of fuck-all, nihilistic punk rock that bands like The Stooges, Fear and Big Black traffic in. When those classic meanies go off about sophomoric shit, I get enraptured, because, while the music plays, I get to imagine that I’m living a much more depraved life than I could ever really allow myself.

Which is why my favorite Curs song is “Dicks I Sucked.”

Look, I get it. I had the same reaction when I saw that there was a song called “Dicks I Sucked.” And, yes, this is a song about all the dicks the narrator sucked while under the influence (some dicks include: short dicks, fat dicks, bum dicks, shitty dicks, skinny dicks). All this wiener talk wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans, however, if not for the legitimate, sinister┬árock-n-roll destruction happening on the track. The song is all gut-rock low end, and it reminds me of when punk was dangerous. It’s not intelligent, really, but it is visceral as hell.

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