The Hard Times: Finally, Someone Making Fun of Punk

As a dude who spent way too much time listening to Rise Against when he was 14 (no shade, Rise Against, love Revolutions Per Minute), I am well familiar with the idea of punk communities taking themselves too seriously. The entire genre is fueled by emotional catharsis, iconoclast party lines, and generally acting like you’re on some kind of a mission, even when pretending you aren’t. It’s a genre ripe for parody, even if it doesn’t always like laughing at itself.

Like Nothing Nice To Say before it, The Hard Times takes a satirical look at stereotypical punk tropes and cuts them to shreds. The blog ,which is updated sporadically throughout the week, takes and Onion-style news lampooning of ¬†harcore, emo, pop-punk, and pretty much anything else you might like. Headlines like “Danzig Sues Santa Over Late Gift Delivery” and “Christmas Ruined By Latest Black Flag Album” are broader, while stories like “BREAKING NEWS: Every Band Reunites for Fest” cut a little deeper. For my money though, the site’s best work is in its fake band names, which really drives home how well-known this world is to its authors.

You can check out The Hard Times here.

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