Valentine’s Day can be a hard holiday for people without a significant other to show affection to. If one takes A Day Without Love’s Brian Walker at face value, one has to believe that he has never had a valentine. Listening to Songs for the Lonely, it’s believable.

Walker’s first home recording, Songs for the Lonely has the unified voice and specificity of scope of a bedroom project; the man has set out to tell the story of being perpetually alone, and he has achieved it in six heavily reverberated songs.

The EP moves between electric and acoustic guitar, the former occasionally recalling Red House Painters (“No Logic for Love”), while the latter waffles between bedroom confessional and outright mania (“How Do You Talk To Anyone Anymore” is almost Daniel Johnston-like in how is hangs between complaint and suggestion of something darker). While one’s enjoyment of the recording will depend on how much tolerance you have for lower fidelity, there’s never a moment that doesn’t feel real and honest. Walker is a man struggling with love, and that struggle is made obvious.

You can check out the EP on Bandcamp. A Day Without Love is on Facebook.