Alright, I will say up front that this one is kind of stupid, even for me.

Banana’s demo release, which is currently available for $2 on Bandcamp, is almost too raw to even consider critically. This sounds very much like someone in their bedroom playing around with a bass amp and GarageBand for the first time. It doesn’t get more lo-fi than this.

And yet … Banana fucking rocks.

I know, it’s stupid. Here’s the thing though; you listen to a song like “Die Alone” or “Vitamins” and you can hear the bones, the foundation. of some balls-out riot grrrl music. You can hear shades of The Breeders. Fill these songs out, throw some drums on them, and they’d be on Stereogum within a few weeks.

If Banana ever gets it together, we’re going to hear a shit load more from them. If not, it’s just another bedroom project, and there’s no shame in that, either.