1) Cursive has hits. I, like many people, count The Ugly Organ as Cursive’s best album. It is the sort of record that can give a person tunnel vision. It can’t be said for sure that everyone else at the show forgot about the band’s varied backlog of hits, but I know I personally forgot how great songs like “Sink to the Beat,” “Dorthy at 40,” “From the Hips” and “Big Bang” are.

2) The Ugly Organ is a dude album. This is an imperfect theory, but here goes: The Ugly Organ is informed, at least in part, by Tim Kasher’s failing marriage. The lyrics on the album often paint the narrator as a self-destructive asshole, hurrying the ruin of a sure-to-be ruined thing. That perspective can be very appealing to a guy of a certain age and predisposition (just ask college Nate). It is something of a masculine album.

This is all by way of saying that there were hella dudes at this show. I’m tempted to say “more than at the average punk show,” but I’m not quite willing to go there.

3) Tim Kasher chews gum while he sings. I don’t know if this is an every night thing or just a one-show thing, but I noticed it and it drove me a little nuts.

4) Ted Stevens, Replsendent. I always think of Kasher when I think of Cursive, but equal credit must go to Ted Stevens, guitar player and backup vocalist. Stevens did a lot of the heavy lifting on some of the bad’s more shouty material, and generally had a bigger presence than I expected. Its been a while since I’d seen the band, and I forgot how much it isn’t a one-man show.

5) “Staying Alive” is a very pretty song. I always knew this, but it was nice to be reminded.

6) Standing in the back is awesome. All respect to the young bulls who get in the mix up front. I’m going to keep loving life standing with the olds and parents in the back.

7) My family STAY being handsome. Thanks, Buffalo.com.