The dear sweet punk children from The Barren Marys are in the midst of a video binge unlike anything I’ve seen in quite a while. The group is planning to release new visuals for each song from its 2015 self-titled record each week for the next couple of weeks. The band already released videos for “Uncle Fester” (Punknews exclusive!) and “Peter Criss” (F.O. approved!) and we’re stoked to be premiering the band’s latest video, “D.I.Y.,” right here and now.

I’ve always found lyric videos to be a weird move. Unless someone in the band has nephew majoring in typography or something, they seem like a strange vehicle for putting lyrics out into the world. I much prefer what the Barren Marys do here; it conveys the spirit of the song without spelling everything out, it shows some thought and work has gone into its creation, and exposes the band as only owning, like, three t-shirts each, max.

Check out all the videos here, and listen to The Barren Marys on Bandcamp.