This list may not be comprehensive. Additionally, it remains unclear if management has changed hands at this location each time the name has been change, or if this establishment¬†is just engaged in a near-constant revolving door of branding pivots (for what it is worth, two of the city’s most well known strip clubs have never, to my knowledge, changed their names at all).

What does seem clear is that, even as triple-decker town home mini-mansions, lowest-common denominator bars and high-gimmick restaurants continue to turn the area into Norther Liberties 2: Still Libertin’, this grimy little place’s roots run deeper and stronger.

4) Devil’s Den / House of Sin (present name)*

Chalk this one up to Catholic guilt.

3) Club Ozz (2008-2010)

You’re not in Kansas anymore! You’re underneath the El.

2) Signatures (2014 – 2016)

This one had the best logo: it was the picture of a woman winking, drawn in the style of those 1950s newspaper comics. It looked like it could have doubled as the logo for a hair salon.

1) Gold Club (2010-2014)

I like my gentlemen’s clubs like I like my credit card rewards programs: Solid gold, baby.

*This might not be the club’s actual name, since I only walked past it one time recently. I remember that “sin” or “the devil” was a major theme in the branding (which, if memory serves, was a drawing of a nude lady with bat wings).¬†