47bf1326e4924ea99f38af880c53983bThe A.V. Club has an interview up with two members of Bear vs Shark, a post-hardcore band that, 12 years running, I have not shut up about. The whole thing is well worth a read if you are at all interested in the motivations behind band reunions, the difficulty of maintaining a low-level genre band and how getting old impacts performance.

However, if you are a very lazy person and unwilling to click a link, here are the five best pieces of information from that interview, in no order, determined by me and presented Buzzfeed style. This music blog is Upworthy now.

1) The Bear vs Shark reunion is a product of social media subterfuge. 

It really came to fruition this year when Marc’s bandmate from his other band, Bars Of Gold, posted a photo of Mike [Muldoon, guitar, bass, keyboards] and Brandon on stage at a Bars Of Gold show, and he posted, “Oh, Bear Vs. Shark reunion confirmed!” And he posted it on Facebook, and it just went crazy.

2) No one has ever correctly listed out the band’s lyrics, because most of the lyrics are just “BLEEEEEEEEHH!” 

I will say that I did have to look up a couple of lines on the various lyric websites, and they were all completely wrong. Completely wrong. I’m like, “What? ‘Like a turtle in a half shell?’ I never said that!” Just really weird shit.

3) Bear vs Shark have got themselves some reach church moms.

AVC: The sixth station where Veronica wipes the face of Jesus is always a great moment.

JG: That part of the show’s going to be off the hook.

MP: It’s crazy, because Brandon actually played Jesus.

JG: Well, he played Jim Caviezel as Jesus.

AVC: Who’s playing Pontius Pilate?

MP: That would be me.

JG: Yeah, that’s clearly Marc. It was like the role was made for him.

MP: My mom’s going to be super proud.

JG: I hope she does not read this interview. She will not talk to you for a little while.

4) Young people will always feel the pressure of even younger people coming up from behind them, while simultaneously judging themselves against a peer standard that may not be fair.

JG: I was just going to say, it’s a lot more liberating now to do it as opposed to back when we were 25 years old. Back then, there was so much pressure associated with it that it really interfered with us and fucked with our minds. At the time, we thought, “Oh, shit, we’re getting so old, and we’ve got to make this a success. People are pushing us to do all these things we don’t want to do, and we’ve got to stay true to our music.” We always had these lofty ideals that I like to think we stuck to most of the time. But it was just so much pressure to do that at the time. All our friends are getting married, settling down, having their fucking 401(k)s and shit. Meanwhile, we’re sleeping on people’s floors, making $300 a month.

5) Bear vs Shark / Bars of Gold singer Marc Paffi seems like a fun guy.

MP: I was just going to say, surprisingly, I’ve already done a show in full hockey gear. One of our earlier shows.

AVC: What was the impetus for that?

MP: There was no reason. There was no physical reason. It was just like, “I should put on a complete hockey outfit, with the shoulders pads and everything, and go out and play this show.” And it was kind of fun, because then you could just fly all over the stage and bounce off walls. I’m not going to do that, so I hope nobody expects that. I’m probably just going to wear shorts and a T-shirt. But maybe a helmet.

Read the whole interview. Bear vs Shark will be playing in your town, maybe. They’re playing in my town, for sure, and I am very excited about it.