a1471207614_10Philadelphia has no shortage of screaming, flexible, third-wave emo bands. Few arrive at that designation through more varied routes than Tiny Rainbows.

It’s self-titled EP, released this past August on Bandcamp and comprised of fleshed-out versions of previously released demos, delivers┬áthe Kinsella / Algernon Cadwallader twinkle that has become part and parcel with the city’s alt-emo music.

What makes it compelling are the flavors that come from heavier, more varied places. “Yacov’s Nubian Bling Explosion” starts somewhere expected, before morphing in to a chorus that recalls Converge more than it does anything traditionally emotion. “When in Rome…” marries the post-hardcore of Dance Gavin Dance with the heavy post-rock of Don Caballero, somehow still sounding like something fit for a dorm room. The results are easy to categorize, but Tiny Rainbows use technicality and varied influences to carve out a space that feels unique to them.

Check out the EP on Bandcamp. The band is on Facebook.