a2178905297_10Never mind that it’s going to be in the 60s in Philadelphia two days from now; today it is cold and the weather calls for music that matches.

Cold weather music comes in all stripes. There are things to listen to when reveling in it and there are things to listen to when trying to curse it back to The North Pole (which, as all are taught in the fourth grade, is where cold weather comes from). For those trying simply to muddle through it as they move from couch to couch, there is No Beer, No Dad by Blowout.

No Beer, No Dad is an “edge of maturity” record; its point of view is that of someone old enough to be disillusioned by party life, but not above making a young person’s mistakes. That kind of self-loathing plays particularly well while walking six blocks to the subway on a 20-degree day.

The lyrics are never especially ambiguous, but the delivery is. Singer Laken Wright favors the “less is more” style that has become part-and-parcel of modern emo music; that she can make a whole song out of the two on “1 I Want” speaks to her economy and her style.

A word on style: Blowout play in a few different genres on No Beer, No Dad. Favorites will depend on personal foibles; There is lovelorn pop-punk on “Indiana” and “Guts Grown Up,” Get Better-era indie rock on “1 I Want” and “If-Else-If” and straight-up Taking Back Sunday style post-hardcore on “King PP.” It’s the kind of diversity that suggests creative songwriters, given cohesion by Wright’s voice and narrative drive.

All of this is a fancy way of saying that No Beer, No Dad is A+ sad music for slugging through the winter months. Baton down and button up; everything is dead now and will be for a few months still.