a0269134811_10There’s a prevailing sense of innocence that runs through Wane, the 2016 EP from Kinda Alright. It’s reflected in the cover art (a drawing of a determined-looking child walking on water, backed by the moon); it’s reflected in the lyrics (metaphors aside, the record reads like a kid’s love letter to the literal moon and stars); it’s reflected in the band’s twinkle-guitar athletics.

If one were inclined to be dismissive, they might read the record’s innocence as childish. Nothing young about the release’s hooks. Kinda Alright finds tunefulness¬†at every turn, coming from any available resource: be it “Avant Garde”‘s wordless guitar-and-bass chorus or “Meteor Jordan”‘s interplay between drums and vocals. By the time things collapse on the EP’s title track, headbanging-induced neck soreness is a serious risk. Wane is a tightly packaged reminder to not lose your wonder.

Check out Wane on Bandcamp.