a2291690122_10If you buy into the idea of the 20-year nostalgia cycle (basically, whatever happens now will be vogue again two decades from now, whatever happened 20 years ago is in now), we sit here poised in 2017 for a renewed wave of post-grunge / alternative pop-rock. For a dude who still gets down on “Molly” and “Allison Road” with semi-regularity, this is good news.

That might be why I’ve been jamming out to Seller’s “Mary” a lot in the last few days. It has the hallmark of those mid- to late-90s alt-rock also rans in that it sells power-pop while hinting at deeper wells of melancholy. Only hinting though; “Mary” is the sun poking through a grey morning, especially in its final moments when the guitar doubles up and Seller moves its reference point back another 20 years. Seller (and I) seem ready to make America “Dizzy up the Girl” again.

Check out “Mary” on Bandcamp.