Dead Band of the Week is a moment of appreciation for a band that is, in one fashion or another, dead.

004891947_500I’ve been listening to a lot of Sonic Youth and Japandroids this week, which ultimately has me thinking about Sisters.

This New York City due put out one real record (as far as I can tell) in 2010 and eventually evaporated back into the noise-rock scene that birthed it (I assume. Look, man, I’m not a historian). Ghost Fits is a fun, small thing of a record: it’s two people taking fuzzy drum and guitar about as far as it can go. It has moments of guitar-heroism that recalls Japandroids or slacker White Stripes, but mostly it sounds like a distillation of all the good parts of shoegaze noise rock filtered through the punk philosophy of “get out of the song as quickly as possible.

Checking it out six years later, It sounds dated, but not nearly as dated as I expected it to. It remains a work of limited aspiration and flawless execution. May all our projects be this successfully low stakes.