1. A few weeks back, I discovered that the robots that run my Spotify account had been successfully trained to auto-complete “Diplomats” and not “Diplo” when I typed the letters “D” and “I” into the search bar. This was a coup; beyond that first Major Lazor record, Diplo can take a hike and it’s rare to find an occasion that isn’t improved by “More Gangsta Music” or “I Love You.”
  2. I firmly believe there was a six-month stretch in the early 2000s in which Cam’ron was the greatest rapper alive. Probably sometime around whenever this happened.
  3. Whenever it was, it was at least 12 years ago (shit, probably closer to 15 years ago) and the results since then have been less than ideal.
  4. So, really, it’s no one’s fault by my own that stuff like this new Cam’ron song gets me down. There’s nothing wrong with it (those Ric Flair drops are incredible. Ric Flair was basically white 80s Rick Ross) in the same way there was nothing wrong with watching Jordan play for the Wizards. You’re still good, you just used to be better, on some Toby Keith shit.
  5. I mean, the dude who once said said his report card was like the speed limit takes booking requests from a hotmail.com account. Entropy comes for us all, I guess. All those Kurt Cobain posters from college were probably on to something.