Big Boi is an underrated weirdo. As much credit as Three Stacks gets for being the artistic half of Atlanta’s rap Godfathers, he’s not out here doing albums with Phantogram and rapping on Game of Thrones mixtapes. Andre Patton is TRYING shit, seemingly unconcerned with trivial matters like “awareness of modern rap trends,” “weird public failures,” or “inexplicable, aggressive corniness.”

You can read that kind of willingness to fuck around and make mistakes however you want. My take: We’re better for it. Boomiverse finds Chico Dusty Jr opulent in his own skin, making whatever the hell he wants and nothing at all what you thought you wanted. That’s how we blessed with a song like “All Night,” which sounds like the horniest vaudeville carnival in the solar system. It’s also how you can make an electric-smooth R&B song and title it “Freakanomics” with a straight face. Hell, its probably how Lucius Leftfoot got Mannie Fresh to step out of the Delorian and produce a rap song for the first time since, I don’t know, BOATS 2.

Enjoy the features (FREE PIMP C / REST IN PEACE PIMP C / BRING PIMP C BACK TO LIFE VIA SILICON VALLEY BLOOD SWAP), but don’t let them distract you. Killer Mike popping up three times either suggests that Uncle Lyor doesn’t trust Big Boi to carry an album, or that dude just wants to surround himself with like-minded weirdos as he blasts off into an alternate universe where Organized Noize still reigns and trap music comes with luxurious horn drops. Cynicism says it’s the former, but don’t block my shine, shorty.