Very Short Review: Castle Black’s Trapped Under All You Know

a3228193631_10Artist: Castle Black
Album: Trapped Under All You Know
Year: 2017

Trapped Under All You Know‘s best track is “Blind Curtain,” a four-and-a-half minute argument that Castle Black could be the dirtbag Sleater-Kinney that I didn’t realize I’ve been looking for.

It’s a guitar-driven song on a guitar-driven EP, but the real take away is the interplay between singers Leigh Celent and Lisa Low. Their call and response on “Rise” is another highlight.

Back to “Blind Curtain,” though. The song’s biggest weapon is groove. For an EP produced with a classic rock sound in mind, the track works not because of volume, but because of time and repetition. It drives without pounding, it moves smoothly. It creates a place. It sounds like a car ride with someone attractive in a leather jacket who will likely screw you over. You will see it coming and stick around anyway. At its best, Castle Black makes you want to stay.

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