The future of music is the past

Ever since I stumbled on Peanut Butters the other day, I’ve been wound up on this Japanese record label Ano(t)racks. They traffic in a specific kind of Japanese guitar rock that sits at the intersection of brit-pop, college-rock, city pop (which is just young people making yacht rock with modulators and shit) and emo and it is mondo pleasant to listen to while I go about my days at my dumb dusk job writing emails about whatever the hell.

Because this is the kind of label that has two dozen bands that release stuff one song at a time, and because Bandcamp doesn’t allow me to just click play on a record label’s page and let it cook for the rest of the day (and because I find the Soundcloud interface weird and scary), I end up having to do a lot of clicking just to listen to all this (very good and fun) shit. To that end, I’ve basically been playing this one comp over and over again.

Here, now, we come to the purpose for this blog. What I want is a service in which a human being sees that I like all these city pop songs, so what they do is make, for me personally, another list of city pop songs that they think I will like. Then I listen to that mix of songs for a long time, and they make me another one.

Am I asking for mixtapes to come back? Basically, yes. Do I not realize there are bits and bots that do this exact things? Yes, sort of, but I do not trust the bits and bots! I don’t want seamless perfection! I want weird jagged edges, songs that I do not like, stuff that gets thrown in there to act as filled / bridges between other stuff. I want to feel like human hands and human thoughts were somewhere in the equation. I want to feel a connection, I want to feel the spark of personality and specificity. I also, selfishly, want more Japanese rock songs to listen to while I do work that just play and play and play so I never have to click over to the page and change the channel.

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