Kevonna Rose – C’est la Vie

If I were trying to be a critic or a diagnostician, I’d say that C’est la Vie by Kevonna Rose has R&B aspirations in a singer-songwriter package. If I were being a dickhead, I’d say that the EP’s best song “Damn Daniel” is catnip for the dweebs who like the early works of Jason Mraz (and if I were to rebut that particular strawman, I would highlight that putting a meme like “Damn Daniel” on the same footing as Scandal and Annie Oakley doesn’t so much as legitimize of-the-moment jokes as it does paint a picture and perspective of the writer, but this is all getting quite silly, isn’t it). As it is, I wholeheartedly recommend Rose’s five-song EP as a delightful coffee house sex escape at any time you need.

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