Regarding a Rap Video

The video in question:

One: DaBaby is many things – rapper who does not wait for the beat, dude who was not afraid to walk around in a diaper at SXSW to drum up buzz for his previous project Baby Jesus, guy who likes rapping over flute beats, own-goal homophobe – but he is, for me, a dude who puts a lot of value on music videos.

Two: That’s not really a new idea, but it usually is rolled out as part of lavish, extravagant album distributions, and treated as “visual albums” and not “some videos we shot to juice the Apple Music offering or whatever.” DaBaby’s treatment of rap videos feels much more informed by something like my experience with them, which was watching them on MTV before various sports practices and sleepovers.

Three: It is that legacy that “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give” finds itself, landing somewhere between the goofy goodtimes of a Ludacris video (hell, DaBaby has already done the “exaggerated body parts” thing that Luda perfected) and the shock value of pre-MMA Eminem.

Four: For my money, the most “shocking” part of the video is the “squinter” section, though the “censored” sections keep sneaking up on me no matter how many times I watch this thing (funniest part, to me, is the “waving the gun around” part).

Five: I must say, DaBaby can really rap his whole ass off when he wants to.

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