Perfect Song Friday – Lost Boys

Perfect Song Friday is a recurring feature in which a perfect song is highlighted on Friday. If you would like to suggest a song for Perfect Song Friday, please start your own blog.

This Friday’s Perfect Song: The Courtney’s “Lost Boys”

Yo La Tengo meets The Go-Gos. That’s the logline I gave to my father a year or so back when I suggested he check out this song by Vancouver’s The Courtneys. He didn’t like it, but that’s his loss.

It either takes four minutes for this song to get started, or it gets started from the jump. The repetition of the song will either make you want to jump out a window or leave the song on repeat for the rest of your life. For me, listening to “Lost Boys” is like driving on a straight road, no turns, at sunset, into the horizon, for the rest of your life. In this, a goofy song about a cheesy vampire movie, the Courtneys tap into melancholic beauty of eternity. It’s an instrument of longing, an invitation for intimacy, a seizing of the moment, a recognition that the moment has already passed.

Truly, I could listen to this song forever. I will never grow tired of it. I will always put it on a second time. If you catch me in a quiet moment, alone with my thoughts, this is the song that is playing somewhere in my head. This one is for all the old friends and lost loves. I know you’re back there, I miss you, I’ll think of you. You look just like you did. Perfect fucking song.

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