Signs of Life from Dr. Carter

The goddamn perfect blessed baby didn’t sleep last night, so while I walked around the house with her strapped to my chest at 4 a.m. in the morning, I resulted to looking at sections of the internet I don’t normally take in under ideal circumstances.

That’s right, friends, I went to Pitchfork dot com.

There, I found this:

At some point I’ll have to unpack the larger Run The Jewels economic model, but for now, let us enjoy this … honestly kind of silly, kind of gibberish Lil Wayne verse. This is pretty good! I mean, it’s not great, but it’s much better than I certainly expected Lil Wayne to be in this late hour.

So I hear that, then I think of this:

(Look, you can fault the creative spark, but you cannot stop DaBaby from making his videos).

This is also a pretty fucking good verse from a dude who, not all that long ago, seemed to have lost whatever creative spark (drugs) had allowed him to be the best rapper alive for a decade. This ain’t that, but it’s so much closer to mixtape Wayne that we have any right to expect. That brings me also to this:

Again, I do not want to talk about the larger context, but hey! Three is a trend! IS WEEZY SEASON UPON US ONCE MORE? Watch the chokepoints.

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