That’s Kind of How We Have Our Fun

Just in the same way that MTV would occasionally turn me on to a new band (usually between the hours of 2-5 a.m., usually between the ages of 12 and 15, sometimes for good and sometimes for ill), the god-computers that run Spotify Discover Weekly will, at rare times, find the right frequency and provide me something that whips ass. This is how “Simple Pleasures in America” was served up to me.

Great song here. Pitched right at my “Midwest by way of Long island” sweet spot for pop-punk; prototypical “we only use three chords but still made a ripping tune” song (shout out to this year’s champion in that category); concept that is both simple and fun (here is some shit that we like because a friend said we are a bummer) and poignant and crushing (these small things are all that we get because the rest is misery or held from us). Classic working-class anthem for a white-collar dickmouth like me.

Also a fine concept for a blog! Presented now, for your consideration, simple pleasures in Olde Richmond, Philadelphia:

  • I like to walk by the skate park with my toddler, watch her get impressed by the skateboarding
  • I like to order pizza from Vince’s and eat it while the sun is still out
  • I like to sit at my front steps and drink coffee before the workday starts
  • I like to watch reruns of New Girl with my wife after the kids are asleep
  • I like to order beer for delivery and drink one can a night for two weeks
  • I like take my infant daughter out of her sleepsack so her arms shoot up in the air over her head
  • I like to take my family to the playground / the park / a local bar for a blue plate special dinner

And everybody gets a little piece of the pie.

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