Perfect Song Friday – I’ll Believe in Anything

Perfect Song Friday is a recurring feature in which a perfect song is highlighted on Friday. If you would like to suggest a song for Perfect Song Friday, please start your own blog.

Previous Perfect Songs:
Lil B – Fuck KD
Jamie T – Tescoland
The Courtneys – Lost Boys
Slobberbone – Trust Jesus

This Friday’s Perfect Song – “I’ll Believe in Anything” by Wolf Parade

I’m getting this blog post in by the skin of my teeth, so I cannot expound on what makes this song perfect other than to say “just fuckin’ listen to it.” I have been working off-and-on for the past couple years on a list of the 500 best songs released since I’ve been alive. Year after year, this remains in the top 10-1. One of the best songs of its generation of bands, one of the best songs of the last 35 years, perfect damn song.

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