Once you are done in my dumb archives, check these slightly less dumb sites out.

Fuck Yeah Jared Writes – dispatches from the Mayor of Bushwick

Fuck Yeah Jared Adams Tumblr – photos and bullshit from the Mayor of Bushwick

Pants of Lies – understand what being a real-live teen girl is like

Dad’s Not Punk – the dumbest blog about being a parent, written in part by my friend Joe

NickMongo/LF – webcomics written and drawn by my friend Nick

Punknews – I write for this site on occasion

Scatterbrain – information on the best punk band in Philadelphia

Science Club Forever – the music of the worst punk band in Philadelphia

Travles With Z. Subes – my friend Zach plays it fast and loose in the far east

Errant Curl – my cousin Flynn updates us from Japan far less often than she should

Farmer Liz – Liz used to live in Philadelphia. Now she’s trying to create her own farm in the Lehigh Valley

Kanye West Wing – my favorite thing stuffed with my second-favorite thing.

Reckless in the Kitchen – my friend Clara cooks stuff. Also, you can buy cakes from her.

We Love Movies – my friends love movies