I Know I’m Feeling Better

Back before Spotify was the end of all physical music, it was curiosity (“holy shit, I get every song ever for $10 a month? This is never going to work”) and a fledgling social network. Vestiges of this still exist, but it was once much more user-focused; send songs, share playlists, see what people were…More

There’s probably a word in German for this

I love to hear my friends and family describe episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Writing online in 2021 means coating every sentence in obfuscation and irony, but I mean this sincerely. The people in my life who enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm really seem to get a lot of joy from it, and I like to…More

Perfect Song Friday – Tescoland

Perfect Song Friday is a recurring feature in which a perfect song is highlighted on Friday. If you would like to suggest a song for Perfect Song Friday, please start your own blog. This Friday’s Perfect Song: Jamie T’s “Tescoland” An admission up front: The most perfect version of the song is the version without…More

G,B,C,BaC – NewMo

Golf, Basketball, Coronavirus, Books about Crime is a weekly round up of information about golf, basketball, the Coronavirus and books about crime (and an indie rock song).More