Father and Son

Courtesy of Jared Adams, what my father, Tone-Zone, and brother, Chris, would have said to each other, if only they had the words. Thank you, Watch the Throne. Thank you.More

Why You Gotta go and do That, Tatum?

Here are the reasons I want to see Magic Mike, Channing Tatum’s male stripper movie:   It’s directed by Stephen Soderbergh, who has a) been on a hot streak recently and b) is supposedly about to retire. Both of those things make me feel the man should get some of my cash. I find myself…More

There is No Such Thing as a Philly Taco

Despite what Pat Rush might tell you, there is no such thing as a Philly Taco. Oh, you’ll want to be believe his siren song. You’ll want to live in a world where drunk people / fat people / young people / excited people / some-combination-of-the-previous-four kind of people descend on to South Street when…More

The 2012 Rock Music Awards

All of my favorite work-out songs came out by 2005. I’ve made dozens of working out playlists since I started getting fatter and older, and all of them have had a handful of constants. All of them. These constants are: “Luno” by Bloc Party (released in 2005) “Cosmonaut” by At The Drive-In (released in 2001)…More