Golf – Basketball – Coronavirus – Books About Crime

I told a friend, partially in jest at the time but as I reflect on it there’s a lot more truth to it than I first thought, that these four topics are the only things I read about online. This friend told me that, surely, there must be a website that speaks to these niche…More


Last real-deal mosh-pit I found myself in was at a Menzingers concert in West Chester, back when The Note was still called The Note and the band was still riding its wave of punk-specific success off of Chamberlain Waits. I lost my hat and work up sore the next day. I swore I would not…More

I’m Going Hungraaay

Best karaoke moment of my life that I was a direct participant in was at Ray’s Happy Birthday bar, sometime between 2009 and 2011. Joe and I sang “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog; he was Veder, I was Cornell. Best vocal performance of my life, I hit 80% of the notes, yes I…More

33 Forever

The new Hold Steady record is good in the way that the last Hold Steady record was good, which is to say it contains anywhere from 2-4 songs that join the band’s best work, and the rest of it has a quiet creeping consistency that makes it hard to lust and easy to love. I…More

Man of Constant Sorrow

First point: Please vote Stephen Root into the Hall of Fame. I am agnostic abut which one, but he belongs in one of them. Second point: I’ve been a bit swamped at work / in grad school the last two weeks and, as a result, I have been listening to almost nothing except Yasmin Williams’…More

Draining the Swamp

In theory one of the benefits of an online life is the ability to curate one’s reality. By deciding which websites one will bookmark, which sources one will read, which video one will watch, which people one will follow, digital life promises that it will only be what you want it to be. It will…More

A brief note on brief notes

Generally speaking, if you do not have the time or wherewithal to complete your project, you should not share your incomplete project. If you are a short-story writer (and your name is not George Saunders), do not release your short story until it is a novel. If you are a musician (and you are not…More