371 Days Until Ed Gets Married – Day 1

It isn’t as hard as I thought it would be to determine how many days it is from something. For example, if you just google “what day is 371 days from now” you’ll get the date of my high school friend Ed’s wedding. You could also, you know, do math (Ed works in finance, so he probably just did the math), but as a liberal arts graduate pursuing a liberal arts master, I would sooner crane kick a brick wall barefoot than I would do some PEMDAS, so it’ll be google for me.

Anyway, everyone loves a gimmick, so here is mine: I will blog every day until Ed gets married.

I have not told Ed I will be doing this. Hell, Ed will probably never read this blog, as I have eschewed any promotion or attempt to broadcast this blog’s existence since roughly 2018. In fact, if Ed ever does find out that I have taken this up, he will probably think it is pretty fucked up, since he and I have not seen each other in person in close to 15 years. Last time I can be for-sure certain he and I saw each other is when he came down to Philly to see Kanye West on the Late Registration tour in 2005. Shit, that’d be 16 years! Goddamn, I gotta get better about seeing people. Ed was (is?) good people. He’s getting married at least!

Anyway, 371 days, starting today. Shouts out to Rembert for the gimmick, shout out to Joe K for the notion of gimmicks in general. Special shout-out to Ed, good luck on the wedding, let’s play basketball again sometime before the 371 days are up. Let’s get it poppin’ with an Ed-ass song.

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