you will be the leader of a big old band

This impromptu Tuesday Night Record Review comes to your courtesy of an apple cider / bourbon cocktail, some homemade linzer tarts, and the new Jeff VanDermeer novel.

The album: How to Moonwalk
The artist: Emily Robb
A picture of it:


What the deal is: I’m not much for the green stuff, but this must be a tremendous album to get stoned to. Somewhere on the spectrum between the Black Keys and Metal Machine Music (on a long enough time line, Lou Reed was right about everything) sits this exercise in chorus-pedal noodling. It catches moments of transcendence the same way that one can hear voices in white noise, but be warned that that the truth is in the advertising; there is little more here than a gal, her guitar, and the urge to thud unadorned by the trappings of on-record collaboration.

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