Perfect Song Friday – Trust Jesus

Perfect Song Friday is a recurring feature in which a perfect song is highlighted on Friday. If you would like to suggest a song for Perfect Song Friday, please start your own blog.

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This Friday’s Perfect Song: “Trust Jesus” by Slobberbone

Maybe it’s because I just finished up Midnight Mass last night, maybe it is because I reflecting on sobriety (while not being sober), but I have been spending a lot of time recently considering religion, spirituality, expressions of both and my place within either. Perhaps best to say that I am a search, an agnostic, a person who trusts, arrogantly, that the journey will eventually lead me to a belief I can hold, that enlightenment will come before the lights go out, as if that was the nature of either enlightenment or the lights going out.

In the mean time, there are simple prayers like “Trust Jesus,” a straightforward alt-country hymn from Uncle Jerry’s favorite barrel-chested bar rockers, Slobberbone. The song itself is as standard as it gets; gruff but tender vocals, guitars and pianos and mandolin, a story-song about a modern day Southern Gothic prophet making his way and making the lord’s mark. That’s all well and good, but the kicker is the bone-clean mantra for humanity at the center of the song:

Lord I’m only just one man
Lord I’ve only got two hands
Lord I’ll do the best I can

Remove Christianity. Remove religion altogether. Stay only with the notion that to live is to struggle, that there are times when outside forces press upon people, when people need to struggle to make it through, when there is so much on the plate as to make one wonder how they will finish it. Some versions of this has been expressed, or felt, by all people, one time or another, and it’s resolved here with grace and simplicity. I’ve only got two hands, I’ll do the best I can. It’s all anyone can ask, it’s all anyone can expect. If you’re searching, start here.

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